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Manufacturers of the unique ViPA analyser and providers of Process Insight consultancy services, Jorin is a company that is focussed on and dedicated to all aspects of oilfield water management.

We look to enable our customers to optimise their process performance, reduce costs, maximise production and avoid processing problems through rapidly produced, accessible, relevant data and the delivery of deep understanding of their process conditions.

Jorin Presenting at FPS
29th September 2014. Leicester, England.
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About Jorin
Jorin Limited is a UK instrumentation company, designing and manufacturing on-line particle analysis systems based on video imaging technologies. Jorin's aim is provide critical process data, enabling their users to optimise their process performance and realise their full potential. Founded in 1998, Jorin has developed the process expertise that both drives developments in their instrument brands including ViPA, LaVA, InVA, and underpins their oilfield water management consultancy brand, Process Insight.

Jorin have been invited to present a session at the European Conference on fluid-particle separation in gas and liquids at the Lyon convention centre, France from the 15th – 17th of October 2014. Naeem Bhola, Process engineer for Process Insight; Jorin's consultancy division; will be presenting on the benefits of an effective method to characterise online, an oily water separation process and to determine efficiencies of different methods and models of separators for comparison. Jorin will be presenting case studies from site data collected worldwide.

The session will also touch on recent advancements in imaging technologies that have led to more detailed information on oil and solids in produced water, such as the ability to identify and classify agglomerates and how these advancements will lead to improvements in the development of filter specifications in the future.

As described by the organisers; the French fluid-particle separation society; "FPS 2014 is the European Forum on Particle Separation in gas and liquids, the right place to be, and is large enough for an up-to-date overview, but yet small enough for useful contacts and discussion through the various activities organised for the course of the event."

Jorin has worldwide exposure on produced water treatment systems in the oil and gas sector, through its Process Insight service, carrying out process surveys for commissioning, troubleshooting, optimisation, design studies and chemical selection applications. The organisers; SF2P are providing a valuable platform to share knowledge, expertise, innovations and solutions and it is a privilege for Jorin to present their knowledge and experience to such an audience. It will be an excellent opportunity for academia and industry to interact, share and discuss on the topic of fluid-particle separation.