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Manufacturers of the unique ViPA analyser and providers of Process Insight consultancy services, Jorin is a company that is focussed on and dedicated to all aspects of oilfield water management.

We look to enable our customers to optimise their process performance, reduce costs, maximise production and avoid processing problems through rapidly produced, accessible, relevant data and the delivery of deep understanding of their process conditions.

Water and Solids in Crude Oil – Bench-top proof of concept
24th October 2014. Leicester, England.
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About Jorin
Jorin Limited is a UK instrumentation company, designing and manufacturing on-line particle analysis systems based on video imaging technologies. Jorin's aim is provide critical process data, enabling their users to optimise their process performance and realise their full potential. Founded in 1998, Jorin has developed the process expertise that both drives developments in their instrument brands including ViPA, LaVA, InVA, and underpins their oilfield water management consultancy brand, Process Insight.

Jorin have recently completed initial bench-top proof of concept tests using ViPA software and on-line video microscopy to record and analyse water droplets and solid particles in dark crude oils.

Using standard ViPA software technology we are now able to demonstrate that it is possible to make measurements of water droplets and solid particles in opaque oils and that these measurements can be made from concentrations of a few ppm water in oil into the lowest ranges that traditional BS&W monitors are able to work. Nick Roth, Managing Director of Jorin, said "while this is very early in the development of a new instrument, the proof of concept provides great confidence that these measurements can be made and that a ViPA for measuring BS&W would be able to fill an analytical gap left by existing technologies. Taking the proof of concept forwards will require further testing and development but we can build on the experience gained in our topsides oil in water monitoring technologies and the recent development of insertion probes for these produced water applications. We are now talking to parties who are interested in working with us on the development and field testing of a new high sensitivity BS&W monitors and look forward to bringing this new product line to market."

Low Concentration

The images and video clips below show water droplets and solid particles in the crude oil sample pictured. Droplet sizes are in the range 15 – 100 microns and water in oil concentrations are 5,000 ppm in the lower concentration clip and 5% in the higher concentration clip.

High Concentration

In this sequence of high water in oil concentration, the individual water droplets can still be clearly seen and the image remains bright enough for good analysis to be undertaken.