Fixed Systems


The ViPA FZ2 HiFlo analyser is a bespoke engineered product for fixed permanent installation and is individually designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer, the site and the process. Its stainless steel construction and flow cell rated for continuous use at 120 Bar (1740 PSI/12000 kPa) with the capability to operate with process liquid temperatures of up to 120°C (248˚F) make the analyser ideal for use in harsh environments. Options for higher temperatures and pressures are available on request. The ability to work with flow velocities of up to 5mS‐1 ensure great response to process changes and minimal flow control requirements ensuring that no upstream sample conditioning is required.

Each FZ2 series analyser can be supplied with a fully automated sample handling and sample return system; automated analyser wash system to maintain both the analyser flow cell and sample system at optimum cleanliness (FZ2 AW); automated sample manifolds to select, flush and analyse from different points in a process and the whole package can be supplied within cabinets or field enclosures, on frames or gear plates, or built to suit the requirements of the installation area. ViPA FZ systems can be controlled by the client’s own DCS or SCADA control system or can be supplied with a stand alone PLC controller.

Existing installations operate in a wide variety of conditions from very low temperatures to desert conditions; onshore and offshore on platforms and FPSOs as well as on unmanned facilities and stations. They are used for sampling at a single point and with automated manifold systems for automatic sampling from several different points within a process. While we recommend that control computers are installed in control rooms, options are available for installing the control computers locally on the analyser skid and all FZ systems are available with ATEX certification. A wide range of data outputs are available as is remote analyser control over a network.