Mobile Hazardous Area Equipment


This compact all in one unit combines the ViPA analyser and control computer into a single air purged enclosure with ATEX Zone 1 certification. The unit weighs 35Kgs and it’s compact nature and small footprint makes it easy to transport with minimal set‐up time out of the box for generating data quickly. It’s stainless steel construction and flow cell rated for continuous use at 120 Bar (1740 PSI/12000 kPa) with the capability to operate with process liquid temperatures of up to 120°C (248°F) make the analyser ideal for use in harsh environments. Options for higher temperatures and pressures are available on request.

The compact nature of the analyser enclosure allows installation very close to the sample point to ensure the best possible sampling is achieved and the ability to work with flow velocities of up to 5mS‐1 ensure great response to process changes and minimal flow control requirements. There are no upstream sample conditioning required.

Like all Jorin’s analysers it is supplied with fully featured control software capable of complex particle analysis and has an easily accessible USB port for transferring data from the analyser when required. Available for either 230V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz power supplies, the MZ4 uses instrument air to achieve the hazardous area rating.

For operation in tropical and desert locations the MZ4 can be supplied with a thermostatically controlled cooler that uses the same instrument air supply to maintain a constant temperature regardless of how hot the working environment is.

The analyser can be supplied with a range of accessories including sampling hoses suitable for a range of sample pressures, hazardous area transformers to enable operation from alternative voltages and flight cases for easy transportation of this robust investigative tool.