Industrial Applications

For industrial applications that require online analysis of particulates in a process stream, our InVA range of products are a fantastic tool for generating useful information quickly and accurately. Our products have been utilised in particulate, water, oil and gas bubbles – size and concentration analysis and monitoring in a wide range of applications including:

  • Fuels – analysis of water and contaminants in jet fuels, diesels and gasoline.
  • Hydraulic fluids cleanliness monitoring
  • Lube oils contamination and wear monitoring
  • Surface run-off water analysis
  • Boiler waters – both primary and condensate water monitoring
  • Industrial discharge waters
  • Food processing
  • Edible oils monitoring
  • Polymer gel production and spinning monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical process monitoring
  • Particulate analysis in almost any transparent process liquid

Please see the examples below for some insight into how our industrial products have been used, and get in touch with us through the contact us page with any queries you have.

Boiler Condensate

The measurement of particulates in boiler condensate has traditionally required the use of a sample conditioning system to bring the condensate within the working pressure and temperature range of the particle counting instrument. Sample conditioners that reduce the sample fluid’s temperature and pressure can have a dramatic affect on particle size and count as the fluids are no longer representative of real process conditions. 

Download the full paper here

Surface Run Off

In many situations where surface run-off waters have to be treated to remove contamination prior to discharge to the environment, on-line monitoring has been problematic. In refineries, chemical processing plants and many surface run off water situations the sources of contamination can vary dependent on the process plant being operated, the raw material being used or refined etc. and the environmental conditions. These variations can occur quickly causing significant  differences in the types of contamination present and the concentration of these contaminants.

Download the full paper here

Jet Fuels

This case study data was collected during development tests of a jet fuel water filter. A Jorin InVA was used to obtain data on the water droplet size distribution and water concentration in the jet fuel. The InVA is an on-line instrument that can be used for monitoring the physical characteristics of multiple classes of dispersed objects within a given fluid stream. The InVA system uses image analysis techniques and sets of user-defined descriptive parameters (such as shape factor and optical density) to differentiate between the various species of objects present within a sample. This allowed the InVA to distinguish between the solids contaminants in the fuel and isolate only the water droplets.

Download the full paper here