Oil and Gas Applications

Our ViPA system has provided critical control data for applications across the entire oil and gas industry. This includes:

  • Produced Water Discharge
  • Produced Water Reinjection
  • Chemical Optimisation
  • Mechanical Separation Optimisation
  • Water Quality Specifications
  • Separation and Filtration Equipment Design and Testing
  • Compatibility Studies
  • Separation Process Control
  • FEED Studies
  • Process Design
  • Pump Protection

And every one of these pieces of work has fed back in to the analyser and software design, so each generation of analyser and software is both better and better tuned to the oil and gas industry’s needs.

Please see the examples below for a detailed look at the benefits our equipment and engineering team can offer, and get in touch with us through the contact us page with any queries you have. 

Hydrocyclone Efficiency

One of Jorin’s clients had been experiencing prolonged periods of high oil in water concentrations with their installed hydrocyclones.  The reported efficiencies fluctuated greatly and it was suspected that the hydrocyclone was not performing in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.

The aim of this work was to increase the performance of the hydrocyclone by variation of the process parameters controlling the hydrocyclone operation i.e. flow rate, ΔP and K ratio.  Using Jorin’s ViPA technology, instantaneous performance data was obtained that allowed for the optimisation of the hydrocyclone in real-time.

Download the full paper here

Production Separator Optimisation

Jorin’s client was experiencing an on-going problem with high oil in water concentrations from their installed separator.  It was understood that the interface level within the vessel fluctuated and it was believed these fluctuations presented a high degree of variability in water quality, leading to problems with control of their produced water separation process.

To investigate the effect of variation in separator interface levels on both the oil in water concentration and droplet size distributions leaving the separator and then based on these findings, to recommend an optimum interface level.

Download the full paper here

Chemical Trial

A client contacted Jorin for assistance in optimising the performance of their demulsifier.  The client wanted to improve process separation by either optimising the dosage rates or changing the location of the chemical injection point.

The purpose of this exercise was to improve upstream process separation by trialling both an alternative injection point and an increase in the demulsifier dosage rate.

Download the full paper here

Sand Jetting

Jorin’s client was concerned by the effect of sand jetting in their MP separator on the produced water quality.  The client requested monitoring of a sand jetting exercise to allow them to make an informed decision with regards to the frequency that operations should be conducted.

The aim of this study was to assess the effect of sand jetting in the customers MP separator on the oil in water concentration exiting the plant.

Download the full paper here