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Manufacturers of the unique ViPA analyser and providers of Process Insight consultancy services, Jorin is a company that is focussed on and dedicated to all aspects of oilfield water management.

We look to enable our customers to optimise their process performance, reduce costs, maximise production and avoid processing problems through rapidly produced, accessible, relevant data and the delivery of deep understanding of their process conditions.

Particle Detection
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Flow Cell
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Particle Detection
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ViPA Software
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The most advanced particle analysis available.
Flow Loop
New pilot scale test facility.

Each particle, droplet or bubble that is analysed within an image captured by the ViPA video microscope is analysed in many different ways. Among the fundamental measurements made are size, area and perimeter; size is measured in four orientations as not all particles are round. From these measurements we can determine aspect ratio, critical in specifying and understanding filter performance, and shape factor, a measure of the roundness of a particle which is very useful in distinguishing between different types of particles. In fact, each particle is measured and assessed in 18 different ways, enabling the ViPA software to accurately classify different materials types and report on each particle population separately; and it does this at a rate of around 20 images every second.